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Why Criminal Defense Law Is Important:

What is Criminal Defense Law?

There are many law firms practicing Criminal defense law. The law, in this regard, provides protection to those individuals who have been accused of committing a particular crime. The law enforcement agency and the prosecutors are provided with a vast amount of resources, in order to assure that persons accused of crimes are incarcerated. The person accused of a crime, then, must make use of an attorney, in order to balance out the power inside of the system of justice. He or she will want the case ruled in his or her favor and not in the favor of the governmental authorities. In other words, the person accused of a crime is dependent on the skill of a defense attorney who understands the law inside and out.

Defense attorneys, associated with Criminal defense law firms are knowledgeable about what the Constitution grants the individual, in the way of proper representation. He or she knows that criminal prosecutions are based on the evidence at hand: evidence that has been gathered by governmental authorities. The evidence, in this regard, includes physical items; the statement of witnesses, confessions, drug, and alcohol-related tests, and more.

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution is applicable to all of the states, all the way through to the Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment.

The Constitution prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. When an unreasonable search and seizure exists, the information is suppressed.

The Constitution states that an individual cannot be tried once again, for a crime which he has been acquitted. The law is referred to as the Double Jeopardy provision of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. The Sixth Amendment provides an individual with the right of a public trial; and with respect to many cases, to have his or her guilt or innocence decided by a courtroom jury. It provides the individual with the right to confront witnesses who demonstrate adversity. It allows the individual to make use of the Court’s power to subpoena or compel the appearance of witnesses, which may prove favorable, with respect to the accused person’s case.

The competent Criminal Defense Attorney knows all of the ins and outs of the Constitution and is in the favorable position of providing his accused client with the proper defense. When accused of a crime, the accused individual is wise to find a criminal defense attorney that will provide him or her with the proper defense and protection, as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.